Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vancouver Community Library resources for all: books, ebooks, coffee shop, play area, computers, community room

July 2011 marked two years of construction, more than 160,000 man-hours, 3.8 miles of shelf space and $38 million as the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District opened its newest chapter and debuted the Vancouver Community Library downtown at 901 C Street.

Hands-on and feet-on experiences.
On the third-floor visitors can frolic through a landscape designed especially for children ranging in age from from newborns to 11-year-olds. It is the biggest library-based early learning center in the nation and includes attractions such as the Land of Imagination designed by the Burgeon Group and the Magic Music Box an instrument with hidden messages along the side for parents to prompt their children.

On the ground floor reserve a computer and enjoy a cup of coffee from Thatchers located in the library's atrium corner while you wait for your shift on the keyboard.

On this floor is the largest community room. Community rooms can be rented by community members and groups: nonprofits, clubs, informal groups, private individuals with times during, before or after library hours. Amenities offered: catering prep kitchen, white board, projector and screen, sound system, microphones, table, chairs.

For library patrons computers are available, study areas, study areas for groups of two, audio and ebooks, and research resources.

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