Friday, December 20, 2013

Washington: the most innovative state, and convoluted when it comes to drugs

Welcome to Washington: The most innovative state in the U.S. | GeekWire

Silicon Valley may get all of the buzz. But don’t underestimate the power of Seattle and its surrounding communities. A new analysis by Bloomberg indicates that Washington state — home to Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft — is the most innovative place in the country. California ranked second, followed by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Oregon … Read more »

Study looks at marijuana demand in Washington | Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) — Figuring out how much marijuana people use has been one of the trickiest, and most important, questions facing the bureaucrats who are setting up Washington state's new legal pot system. Underestimate demand, and … Read more »

Pot entrepreneurs want to borrow green | Daily Caller

Marijuana entrepreneurs want to build businesses, but the government will not let banks lend them any green. Entrepreneurs from Washington state and Colorado, where recreational marijuana use is legal, are hoping that regulators and law enforcement … Read more »

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