Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tax Freedom Day for Washington State is April 20, 2013

The Tax Foundation declared Tax Freedom Day in Washington State as April 20, 2013. That is the day when Washingtonians earned enough to pay their annual tax bill. The Tax Foundation also noted:
  • Washington's taxpayers paid $4261 per capita in state and local taxes
  • Washington's taxes was below the national average of 9.9%
  • Washington's 2010 tax burden of 9.29% ranked 27th out of 50 state

The Tax Freedom Days of neighboring states were:

  • Alaska, April 6
  • Idaho, April 9
  • Oregon, April 15

Washington's 2014 Business Tax Climate Index Ranks 6

For 2014, Washington ranks 6th in the Tax Foundation's State Business Tax Climate Index. The Index compares five areas of taxation that impact business: corporate taxes, individual income taxes, sales taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and taxes on property, including residential and commercial property.

For 2014, the ranks of neighboring states are as follows:

  • Alaska 4th.
  • Oregon 12th 
  • Idaho 18th

Any guesses what day Tax Freedom Day will be in 2014?

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